Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does NeurOptimal® Neurofeeback® Have to Offer Me?

 A lot. The events of our daily lives measure the benefits of brain training. People who do this “workout” for the brain often say they feel better able to concentrate and focus on tasks and feel more prepared to deal with life’s unexpected turns. They find it easier to handle situations that have always been a systematic source of tension. Some people who have done brain training report greater creativity and increased ability to decide where their real priorities lie. Serenity, confidence, resilience, and clarity—are what people report feeling. To hear real stories about the amazing ways in which people have benefited from NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback, have a look at the testimonials.

2. Where Does This Technology Come From?

The origins of neurofeedback date back to the 1960s. For a long time, this approach was only offered in a medical framework by brain specialists (neurologists, etc.). Now, NeurOptimal® has fundamentally altered this framework by offering a system that is no longer dependent upon a brain specialist since its expertise is found within the cutting-edge technology of the software. NeurOptimal® is impressively effective, non-invasive, and completely safe.

3. What are the Differences Between NeurOptimal® and Other Systems?

To name a few...NeurOptimal® has no side effects. NeurOptimal® does not require a diagnosis. With NeurOptimal® technology, there is no expensive brain mapping or extensive review of medical charts.

4. Do I Have to Do Something Special to Make the Training Effective?

No. This makes NeurOptimal® neurofeedback so enjoyable: you just need to sit back and relax or doze off. You’re not expected to perform any particular physical or mental exercise actively. When you train with NeurOptimal®, you’re invited to let go, to explore new possibilities.

5. Is NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Really Safe?

Yes. NeurOptimal® is impressively effective, non-invasive, and completely safe. This means that the brain isn’t forced to change how it functions—it is simply alerted at the right moment by the interruption in the music. The NeurOptimal® coach doesn’t intervene during the session because the system holds the expertise.

6. Do The Results Last?

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback® training is cumulative. In other words, the brain continues to learn how to function better with each passing session. Once this learning has solidly anchored in the brain, the brain simply can “not know.” In this sense, then, the results indeed are lasting. However, as with any type of training, you might feel “rusty” after not having had a session for a while. When this happens, it will only take a few “tune-ups” for the brain to reach its optimal level.

7. How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Since each brain is different, it’s impossible to know exactly how many sessions will be necessary for any person. Like at a gym for the body, the number of workouts you do depends on your body and your desired results. It’s typically not necessary to do a significant number of sessions to notice the beneficial effects of the training. Some people even see a difference after the very first session. In general, however, people tend to see effects after about five sessions; 15-20 sessions is optimal, depending on your goals.

8. How Will I Know if it’s Working?

In the first session, you’ll have a chance to define your own objectives and determine how you’ll know if the training is proving effective (“I’ll know it’s working if I can complete my homework each day for a week without getting distracted …”) or (“I’ll know it’s working if I am experiencing more restful sleep.”) At each session; you’ll have an opportunity to discuss the changes that you’re noticing.

9. Do You Use a qEEG for Assessment?

No. For those of you who have come across an assessment process known as qEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram) that is often used with neurofeedback, there is no need for this tool when using NeurOptimal®. That’s a substantial cost saving for you. The qEEG is used to establish protocols for training. With NeurOptimal®, your CNS (central nervous system) will be using the training in the right way for you. There’s no guesswork involved.

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