Workshop/Retreat Space and Neurofeedback Options

Neurofeedback Services

Neurofeedback Services

In-Office Session Counseling/Neurofeedback Session

There are no In-Office Sessions available at this time - Please refer to the Neurofeedback At Home rental system option. You may also …
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$125.00 Per Hour

Neurofeedback At Home

Rent a system and run Neurofeedback sessions at home. Monthly rental includes 12 sessions for $65/session =$780 total rental for the …
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$780.00 Per Month


May 3, 2023
Bryanna Kane
I've been doing neurofeedback for a few years now and it has greatly improved my anxiety and allowed me to take a more natural approach. Amy is such...  Read more
Apr 14, 2020
Vanessa Nicole

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