Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Amy Truby, LMFT

My work as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is rooted in my passion to help people create their own reality. The ability to help people heal, grow and create happiness in their lives is a blessing that I feel truly honored to be part of. I have had the opportunity to do this for the past 15 years in the mental health profession and as a trained life coach. I have helped children, families and adults transform their suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction issues into lives filled with happiness and a true sense of well-being.

When I discovered neurofeedback I realized the potential it has to change lives especially when combined with therapy. I have a personal mission to help others heal using neurofeedback. Why? Because it changed my life in a profound way. After experiencing the impact NeurOptimal® had on my own headaches and anxiety, I knew I had to offer this amazing tool to my community.

You are probably looking at this website because you are searching for answers, just as I was. There is no reason to suffer any longer.

The time for happiness is now.

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