What To Expect?

Your Only Job Will Be To Notice What Is Changing In Your Life.

Your First Session

When you come for your first session, the first thing we will do is talk about your goals and discuss how to get you there. We will take the time needed to answer any questions you have about neurofeedback and the process.  

What to Bring

It is not required to bring anything to your sessions. Just close your eyes & listen to the music while your brain is training.


Neurofeedback Training

Small sensors will be attached to your head and ears with a water soluble conductive paste. There will be two sensors on your right ear, one on your left ear, and one on each side of the top of your head. The sensors read the electricity on the surface of your scalp. You will be connected to the sensors for about 30 minutes. 

During the training you will sit or lay back in a comfortable chair in a dark room. All you will need to do is relax, you may close your eyes, even sleep while you listen to the music. You will hear very brief pauses in the music - this is the system giving feedback to your brain.

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